• Attract the eyes of everyone on the street
  • Make a daily impression on your target audience
  • Effectively target African Americans and Asians riders
  • Frequency of ridership = high exposure to your ads
  • A large rolling ad every Rush Hour
  • Advertise while they ride

Trains and subways, like Atlanta’s Marta Rail Stations offer “face-to-face” exposure to consumers in a variety of ways.

Advertisements can be placed in-car, on-platform, in waiting areas, and in high traffic corridors providing daily reach to riders. Frequency of riding ensures a connection is made to this captive audience on the day the message is relevant. Especially when you consider how many people ride the rails to work, shop and entertainment venues.

Atlanta – Reach Them While They Pump…         

  • 2 Million+ drivers log 112 Million miles each day
  • Atlantans have one of the longest commutes in the US
  • Average daily commute of 31 minute
  • The average driver buys gas 5-6 times/month
  • An increasing number of multiple vehicle households
  • 90,000 retail locations have convenience stores attached
  • All that driving means they’ll be filling up frequently