This is a great article posted by Jamie Turner via Dan Smigrod.It has some great information, thought I would share. Dan’s post is really terrific. Seriously, I’d encourage you to visit the blog, print it out, then ponder all the different ways QR codes can be used to engage prospects and customers.QR Code| BillboardConnection Atlanta
Dan has agreed to let me share my favorite ideas from his post with you. Here are some of my favorite ideas from this list:
Business cards — The recipient scans the code to import your contact information.
Website — Add a QR code to the contact page on your website so users can instantly download your contact information.
Product packaging — If you sell a product that requires installation, include a QR code on the box to drive users to online instructional videos.
Outdoor board — Great for a teaser campaign for a new movie or TV show. Scan the code to watch the trailer, sneak preview or teaser episode from your mobile phone.
Name tags — Create and add your scan code to your name badge to make it easy for conference attendees to get your contact information.
Home for sale signs — Add a scan code that launches a video or photo tour of the house.
Historical site markers — Ditto. A scan code can enhance the experience of the people visiting the site.
Restaurant menu — Scan the code for recipes to your favorite dishes.
Press release — Include scan codes in press releases to provide recipients with additional information.
Grocery shopping cart — Users can scan the code in to get special discounts at the grocery store. The scan code doesn’t change, but the offer rolls over with a new one every week.
Link to iTunes App store — The Wall Street Journal included a scan code in one of their ads that instantly drove the visitor to the iTunes App store, where they could download the iPhone App for that product.
In the Men’s’ Urinals — Dan’s company Great! proposed and implemented the first interactive urinal communicator for CMT Outlaws. “Don’t miss Outlaws on CMT. You seem to miss everything else!”
YouTube video — Scan the code at the end of the video to take you to a related video, thereby keeping the user engaged.
Those are just some of the ideas on Dan’s list, so be sure to read the full post.